Sunday, July 18, 2010

And awayyy I go!

July 19th is practically here! In just 5 hours, I'll be waking up (if I can even fall asleep, that is), gathering my things, and heading to the Memphis airport. From there I'll fly to Atlanta, and then on to Washington, D.C. Once I arrive in D.C. I'll have approximately 45 minutes to get off the plane, collect my luggage, find a taxi, get to the hotel and check in, and be at registration. Cake, right?

At this point I'm going through a mix of emotions- excitement to finally be going, nervousness of the unknowns that loom ahead, sadness to be leaving my friends and family- and they all kind of combine to feel like somebody made scrambled eggs out of my guts. I suppose that sounds pretty unpleasant, but when you think of the experiences that make you feel like that, they usually turn out alright. If we don't do the hard things, we can't become better.

I'm as ready as I can be at this point though, and after many days of slow packing/watching bad reality tv, I think I've got everything I'll need. Here is what my life looks like in 80-pound luggage form:

In my big rolling duffel bag:

small flashlight

sewing kit

cap light

knife sharpener

swiss army knife

camera tripod

silly bands (7 packs)- gifts for kids

ukelele strings (2 packs)

sham-wow towels (2)

stickers (2 packs)- gifts for kids

one piece swim suit


black cardigan

big plastic spoon and spatula



bungee cords (3)

bungee cords (4 mini)

contacts (1 year supply)

dresses (gray, coral)

filet knife

baseball cap

bandanas (2)


knit hat

large north face sun hat

steripen and solar charger

compression pillow

sleeping mat

sleeping bag

mcat prep book

full size bath towel

converter and adapters

shampoo, conditioner, soap, gel

razors (4)

ob tampons (2 boxes)

contact solution (2 bottles)

extra toothbrush

travel pack from Cindy -- anti itch, neosporin, oragel, peptobismal,
migraine med, corectol, bandaids, anti diarhea, anti itch cream,
anti fungal, blistex, temp tooth repair kit,

blank checks (2)

stationary 50 envelopes, 100 paper

moleskin journals (3)

multi tool

Excedrin - huge bottle

deodorant (2)

carabiner (2)


bag of starbursts- gifts for host family

smartwool socks (2 pairs)

tennis shoes



toms shoes (2 pair)

In my camping backpack:

luggage lock / flight bag

nalgene 32 oz

luna bars (6)

fold up shopping bag (chico bag)

combo - compass, thermometer, whistle

tennis shoes (flowery)


travel contact solution

contact case

travel toothpaste

eyeglasses (3 pairs)

belt (1)

OR hat with bug screen

underwear (28)

socks (6 pairs)

footless tights (3)

pencil pouch -- pens, pencils, flashdrive,

UT hoodie

makeup bag/comb brush, tooth paste, moleskin, deodorant,
face wash, extra mascara, hair headbands, bobby pins, ponytail holders, mirror,

bras (7)

bic lighters (2)

AA batteries

single serving drink mixes

duct tape

rain jacket

black dress

button up plaid shirts (2)

casual skirt


dressy tank top

vneck t-shirts (4)

casual t-shirt


khaki pants / capris

flannel pj pants

tank tops (3)

pj shorts

light weight long sleeve t-shirts (2)

American Apparel hoodie

yoga capris

sports bras (3)

In my Timbuk2 (carry-on bag):


info folders / pc info, forms, lanuage lessons, uke music

Madagascar travel guide

digital camera

memory cards

playing cards

ear plugs

pen, pencil

ipod shuffle


luna bars (2)

smoked almonds


money belt

glasses (1 pair)


battery solar charger

address book


laptop / case / charger

ipod + charger

nook + charger

cell phone


tylenol pm

Plus, my ukulele in its case.

Well, that's everything! And since I'm going to attempt to get some sleep, that's all
from me tonight. Next post from...well, somewhere other than Memphis I hope!